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Springfield WINTER CARNIVAL – February 6th thru 8th — at Crown Point Country Club.



Kombucha has been all the rage for awhile now, especially with the healthy-eating community.  One of the more popular brands of bottled raw, organic kombucha is GT’s Kombucha , produced in Los Angeles.  With the popularity of kombucha, some stores began selling kombucha on tap.  Bring your own bottle or get one from the store.

Now you can get raw, organic kombucha on tap at the Springfield, VT Food Co-Op.  The Co-Op sells Katalyst Kombucha, a small company in Greenfield, MA, and currently has 4 flavors on tap:  Ginger, Berry, Jasmine and Grape.  Kombucha on tap is significantly cheaper than buying it by the bottle from the cooler.

The other great thing about getting it on tap is you can blend the flavors to suit your own tastebuds.  For example, fill a bottle with both the ginger and berry flavors, mixing more of the ginger if you prefer a stronger ginger taste.  You don’t even have to fill a bottle.  The on tap kombucha is sold by weight, so put as little or as much as you want in a bottle.


Report suspicious activity anonymously. Encourage everyone in town to get this app for their mobile device. It works on iPhones, iPods, Androids, tablets and even Blackberry. Visit to learn more.

Neighborhood Watch App

Local professional musician, Karen Engdahl, now teaching piano students of all ages.  For more information, please visit her Springfield Piano Studio facebook page.

Springfield VT Piano Studio - Karen Engdahl

Operation Precision Valley in Springfield, VT Arrest Sweep for Illegal Drug Trafficking 

Springfield, VT – 06/19/13 – Today, June 19, 2013, Operation Precision Valley conducted an arrest sweep in Springfield, VT targeting 36 defendants for the distribution and sale of illicit drugs, along with several other criminal offenses.

Operation Precision Valley is the culmination of a six month long investigation by the Vermont Drug Task Force.

At the time of this release, Operation Precision Valley arrested 33 defendants; three are out-of-state and investigators will be pursing arrest warrants for those individuals.

If convicted, each person faces between five and 20 years in prison.

Download the Defendant Information List showing the names, DOB, Hometown and Charges for each targeted person.  Persons who are listed in red were not arrested during the sweep.





Luis Rodrigues


Springfield, VT

1x Sale of Heroin
1x Sale of Regulated Narcotics

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Kyle Carey, a nationally/internationally touring Folk/Celtic artist, is on her Spring tour and will be appearing at the Springfield Town Library, May 4th  at 7:00pm.   Admission if FREE.

Hear some samples in her promotional video:

VTel WOW Internet Lines

A VTel/NexLink truck was spotted around town installing new lines this week.  Could this be the fiber for the long-awaited WOW system that promises blazing fast internet speeds?

From Vtel’s WOW web page:

“WOW will also extend Gigabit Internet of 1,000,000,000 bps over active fiber to every existing VTel customer in fourteen telephone exchanges in Vermont.”

“Coming soon we will also be offering wireless broadband access using 4G/LTE — at no additional cost!”

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