The Comtu Falls in Springfield Vermont was raging Sunday afternoon after the leading bands of hurricane Irene passed through. The water was moving so fast and furious that it was dizzying to look down.

Springfield was quite fortunate. While many of the other towns in southern Vermont were flooded, Springfield was not. In at least one town in Vermont, rescue workers went door-to-door telling people to evacuate.

Although this video shows the rage and fury of the rushing waters, Springfield residents are relieved the river didn’t rise to street level.

(NOTE: The other Springfield, VT Hurricane Irene video posted, which, at the moment, is 21 seconds long and titled “Hurricane Irene Springfield VT Massive Swollen Raging Rivers” is a direct theft of a portion of the end of this video.)

If you’d like to see what the upper portion of the falls looked like four days prior to hurricane Irene, check out this video:

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