August 26, 2011 –  After various debacles and delays, with residents returning on multiple days to watch, it finally happened.  First thing in the morning the cables were hooked up to the old bridge and in about ten minutes it had been lifted out.  Not too long after, the new bridge was set it it’s place and the new footbridge at the old Fellows Gear Shaper in Springfield Vermont is now in place.

….and the old bridge waits to be broken down and hauled away.

August 25, 2011 –The Springfield Vermont Gear Shaper bridge project was delayed a week while a larger crane was obtained, but when the new crane arrived it was obvious this massive crane could handle the job.

The crane was stored in the parking lot the night before and the crew was all set to move it into position and get that old bridge replaced.  Again, spectators watched patiently as the next problem arose.  When the crane started to move down the parking lot towards the street, the large metal treads and the weight of the massive crane promptly began to destroy the asphalt underneath.


The solution?  Put large metal plates in front of the crane’s treads, drive the crane over the plates, pick the plates up from behind the crane, move the plates in front of the crane again and repeat the process…slowly making it’s way down the road into position in front of the old bridge.

August 17, 2011 – The nearly 100 year old footbridge at the old Fellows Gear Shaper building in Springfield Vermont was supposed to be removed today and a shiny new bridge put in it’s place.  Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly as planned.  Spectators watched for hours while the new bridge was moved from the parking lot into the street and the cables hooked up to the old bridge to lift it out.

When it finally came time to lift the old bridge out, it just wouldn’t budge.  It was discovered there were some additional rods securing the old bridge into place that needed to be cut.  However, that wasn’t the end of the problems.  The crane still couldn’t lift the old bridge.  It turns out that whomever on the project was responsible for estimating the weight of the old bridge was off by 10,000 pounds! Consequently, the crane brought in to lift the old bridge was too small.

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